The Kewl Boks Playhouse

Made with rigid and durable cardboard designed to be long lasting. Your child can spend hours drawing and colouring to make this their own sweet little space.

L. 47” x W. 38” x H. 44”

• a fun little pizza oven
• porthole style window
• planter box
• front door only
A playful mail box for creating letters and messages from your family and friends
• fun graphic roof for kids to colour
A nameplate for your family to customize their little home and play space.

CA$ 41.00
In stock

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What age ranges are The Boks Company for kids products suitable for?

Our playhouses are suitable for kids 2 years and up, with adult supervision.

How long will the playhouses last?

Our playhouses are designed to last longer than most cardboard playhouses, with sturdier corrugate and secure clips. As with any toy though, the way kids interract with it will determine how long it lasts. Exposure to rougher play or many children overtime, may cause some wear and tear.

Are your products recyclable?

Yes! 100%. It’s a feature that we’re very proud of and one of our key selling points. Can I sell the products on my own site? We are open to collaboration and partnerships. Please contact

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